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The LoopFuse service will be discontinued on 4/1/14. Please contact Salesfusion at +1 (855) 238-6522 to discuss options for migrating your account.
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Put LoopFuse to work as part of your marketing plan:
The Visiting Companies report shows you which companies are visiting your website. This helps "take the temperature" of prospects and prioritize sales efforts..
Email Marketing Campaigns are easy to create and send.
Setting up a simple email Lead Nurturing campaign will make a huge immediate impact on your sales pipeline and gives you an automated way to stay in front of your prospects.


The Mouth of the Funnel

The LoopFuse blog contains frequently-updated B2B Marketing Automation articles centered around best practice advice, product release announcements, and general marketing automation tips & tricks.
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Support & Community

The LoopFuse Help system provides customers with 24x7 support from our staff, helpful documentation, videos, and a vibrant community of marketers sharing ideas and best practice advice.
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New to LoopFuse?

If you're looking to learn what features LoopFuse OneView Sales and Marketing Automation can help in driving demand for your products & services, visit the features page for a comprehensive list.
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